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After spending years training police, agents, security personnel, and special force units, Master Scott is now turning his focus toward helping law-abiding citizens learn what has taken him over 40 years to perfect. Get ready to be blown away by how SIMPLE, yet extremely EFFECTIVE, this no-nonsense system called, Split-Second Self-Defense, really is.

You'll Learn:
  • How to drop an attacker in seconds using QUICK Stun and Run Techniques
  • Spine tingling nerve strikes that will send a shock wave thru your attacker’s body
  • Split Second Defense against grabs and chokeholds
  • Exactly how to respond to a would-be attacker, without the jitters and uncontrollable nervousness
And more...
Take advantage of the four FREE lessons to get a feel for what you’re about to learn. Then prepare yourself to QUICKLY learn a HIGHLY specialized system of self-defense that Master Scott, and his amazing team, currently teach other Blackbelts around the world! 

As seen on Channel 9 News:
Master Scott is so committed to arming YOU, the LAW-ABIDING citizens with his LIFE SAVING skillset that he’s even going to have an online training platform for you to train 24/7. Get ready to be a part of a movement that will literally save THOUSANDS of lives around the country. It’s PAST time to take control of YOUR safety and the safety of your loved ones. When a Split SECOND is all you have … Make it Count! 

"This program is ideal for protection specialist. The rate at which
I learned was incredible and the techniques were very simple to grasp. I highly
recommend Split Second Self Defense to anyone, especially protection specialist,
who are serious about protecting themselves and their family."
- James Claggion -
CEO of Total Cover Protective Services
"I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first about the offer of
being able to effectively defend after only 6 sessions, but wow!

The techniques Master Scott taught me were extremely simple and devastatingly
effective. His ability to simplify the learning process is incredible!

If you’re like me, a busy business who’s looking for a little added security for
yourself and family, I highly recommend you take this course."
- Deepak S/ CEO Revenue Service Technology, LLC
"For the last 2 years, I have train with Master Scott online and the
experience has been phenomenal! The attention to detail that he gives to each
technique makes it so easy to grasp. I was shocked at how much I learned in the
first 3 months.

I highly recommend Master Scott’s Split-Second Self Defense online training
- Bryan Ratliff - Founder of Warriors of Change Defensive Arts
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